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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The benefits of loving-kindness meditation

"Eleven advantages are to be expected from the release of heart/mind by [the absorbed] practice of loving-kindness (metta), by constantly increasing thoughts of loving-kindness, by regarding loving-kindness as a vehicle and as something to be treasured, by living according to loving-kindness, by putting these sentiments into practice, and by establishing them. What are the eleven? The practitioner:
  • (1) sleeps in comfort, 
  • (2) awakes in comfort, 
  • (3) sees no bad dreams, 
  • (4) is dear to human beings, 
  • (5) is dear to non-human beings, 
  • (6) is protected by devas
  •  (7) is safe from fire, poison, and swords, 
  • (8) concentrates the mind quickly, 
  • (9) is of serene countenance, 
  • (10) passes away free of confusion, (
  • 11) and if one does not attain full enlightenment here and now in this very life is reborn in a brahma world [a literal divine abode].
Mettanisamsa Sutta