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Monday, July 23, 2012

The IDPeeps Contemplate Happiness

The IDPeeps contemplate ... will the Cookies n Cream make me happy?

Maybe in the moment. But then the Cookies n Cream will be gone.

Perhaps leafy green vegetables, with their folates and fiber, will bring long-term happiness.

That too proves to be unsatisfactory.

Caught in the trap of doubt, self-confidence ebbing, IDPeep falls back on habit and into a glass of fine Kentucky bourbon, on the rocks.

Hung over and still unhappy, IDPeep realizes that habitual patterns don't bring happiness. IDPeep turns to meditation.

and comes to realize

that in between the thought and the action

there is a space

and in that space

is the happiness that comes from knowing one's true nature as primordially, inherently good.