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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Precious moment, wonderful moment

Autumn sky in the the Berkshires

 Where I live, this week has had the kind of weather that reminds you why you live here. Clear, cold nights, crisp like a locally grown Macoun apple. Clear, sunny days, the temperature right in the range where we used to set the thermostat back before the energy crisis. And not just one day, but a string of them, a bracelet of precious jewels, one after the other.

I was noticing this today as I headed home, autumn blue sky overhead, trees with a tinge of color along the road.

Then I thought: I wonder how long this will last. Will it stay for the engagement party scheduled for Saturday? The Old Farmer's Almanac says it's going to be a hard winter.

The colors faded a bit

And I had to laugh at myself. Here I am, thinking how vivid and wonderful the present moment is -- and instead of basking in it, I'm thinking about what comes next.

At one talk I went to, the presented stopped often to laugh. "I crack myself up" he'd say.

I think it was a transmission of insight.

When you notice what your mind is doing, sometimes, you just gotta laugh. And that brings you right back to this moment, this breath, this awesome day.