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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mindfulness at work

A new study shows that being mindful at work can reduce your level of emotional exhaustion, help keep your emotions on an even keel, and increase your job satisfaction, Fox news reports.

The report is based on two studies from the Netherlands published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Participants noted their feelings and their level of mindfulness through the day. Those who were more mindful were less exhausted and more positive.

Emotional exhaustion occurs when people try to suppress or control their emotions. 

“The more we try to suppress these emotions or the thoughts that accompany them ('I can't make it, I will fail, I am going to explode'), the more energy it requires,” said Hugo Alberts, a co-author of the study. “Instead of attempting to avoid or reduce a negative emotion, mindfulness requires willingness to stay in contact with the emotion and allow it to be."


The study said users saw beneficial changes within 10 days. And it doesn't seem to suggest daily meditation. But I will. It's a practice. The more five- or 10-minute breaks you take throughout the workday or sessions you do at home to train your mind, the better your mind responds.