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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making meditation a habit

Lift, an iPhone app that helps people meet goals by tracking their progress, is offering a meditation challenge in March. It's also got some nifty data from those who've previously used it to get going on meditation.

Meditation has the power to change lives but many people say it’s too hard to do. We think the habit is just as easy to pick up as any other daily habit, maybe even easier.
For instance,
-- It takes 12 days to establish a meditation habit. 90 percent of those who made it to Day 12 continued. (Other habits Lift tracked from users: 11 days for flossing and 15 days for eating breakfast.)
-- Consistency matters more than quality. There are days where meditation doesn't feel meditative. What matters is to come back the next day.
-- Start small. Most Lift users meditated 3-5 minutes when they were beginning.
-- People are least likely to meditate on Saturdays.

Lift only tracks the habit, not the results. It's up to you to notice whether it's easier to settle, to find quiet space in your thoughts, to be less reactive during your day.